Ike Amadi’s Top 10 Books


A fiercely passionate and fresh young man who seeks to find the path so that others can tread without stumbling, Ike tries to put down his many thoughts to the public through writing. Austere, calm, easy going, and very humorous,Ike Amadi believes that high level motivation should be served in a very simple and comprehensible fashion.  He is author of the book, ‘Do Something’ and the convener of the TheLAFamily, a christian group that comes together to read and share lessons from the Bible. A person fiercely devoted to personal development, Ike shares his top ten books here.

The Bible
Author: God
Genre: Christian
1,152 Pages
Timeless. You’ll find a copy in every home on earth.


Signposts on the Road to Success
Author :E.W.Kenyon
Genre: Christian. Protestantism
This little treasure guides readers to identify and hone latent talents and gifts.


The richest man in Babylon.
Author: George S. Clason
Genre: Personal Finance
126 Pages
Hailed as the greatest of all Inspirational work on the subject of thrift and financing. Quite easy to read.


Maxwell’s Leadership Bible
Author: John C. Maxwell
Genre: Spiritual. Christian book.
1632 Pages
Maxwell assembles biblical time-tested and irrefutable principles to equip and encourage leaders and those who serve with them.


Faith that prevails.
Author: Smith Wigglesworth
Genre: Church History
64 Pages
This book will help you to believe God for whatever you need. An awesome little book.


The Power of Positive Confession.
Author : Matthew Ashimolowo
Genre: Christian.
88 Pages
In this thrilling book, Pastor Ashimolowo writes movingly about the veracity of positive confessions.


The Art of Pacesetting Leadership.
Author: Dave Williams
Genre: Christian Living. Spiritual Growth
273 Pages

This book is loaded with nuggets of wisdom and practical application. Using scripture and real life stories the book does an in-depth presentation on how to become a Pacesetting Leader.



Outliers The story of Success.
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
317 Pages
Genre: Social Psychology and Interactions
Outliers is a classic tome which redefines our notion of success. This book will change how you look at successful people.


As a Man Thinketh
Author: James Allen
Genre: Self-help
50 Pages
The Mother Lode of all personal development books. James Allen set the world ablaze with this little book.

Feel free to share your favorite books in the Comments section.

Bio culled from ikeamadi.org

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3 thoughts on “Ike Amadi’s Top 10 Books

  1. This is a lovely list! I’m going to get those I haven’t read. I looooved Outliers, and I’m always hogging my husband’s Maxwell Leadership Bible. The Richest Man in Babylon changed my views on wealth building forever!


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