April Reads

Books are being released faster than we can read them. With 450 books due to be released in the first half of April,distilling and curating the pick of the bunch is a onerous task. The ten books below are what we consider to be the pick of the bunch. We hope these books thrill you. Happy Reading


The Sellout
Author: Paul Beatty
Genre: Literary Fiction. African-American
A biting satire about race relations. One of the truly great satires of the decade.

Ravensbruck: Life and death in Hitler’s concentration camp for women.
Author: Sarah Helm
768 Pages
Genre: Politics. Women in History
A harrowing account of life in the only concentration camp built for women. Intensely evocative. You will will the women to live.

The Fishermen
Author: Chigozie Obioma
260 Pages
Genre: Literary Fiction. Cultural heritage.
A brilliant debut for Chigozie Obioma. Another literary icon emerges.

Better than Before.
Author: Gretchen Rubin
322 Pages
Genre: Personal Transformation
Better than Before addresses one of life’s big questions: how can we exorcise our devils and better ourselves? Anecdotal.

What She Left
Author: T.R.Richmond
320 Pages
Genre: Mystery. Suspense
Life reconstructed via email, diaries, and digital footprint. You’ll be surprised how much of our lives are out there in cyberspace. An absolute must read.

Spinster: Making a Life of one’s Own
Author: Kate Bollick
336 Pages
Genre: Feminist Theory
What happens when you don’t want to get married? Kate bollick writes a moving and polemical account into how women’s lives are narrated.

Everyday Grace: Infusing All Your Relationships With The Love of Christ.
Author: Jessica Thompson
208 Pages
Genre: Christian Living. Relationships.
How do you form lasting bonds with people who, like you, are bound to mess up?

Uganda Be Kidding Me.
Author: Chelsea Handler
264 Pages
Genre: Essays and Travelogues
Hilarious. You will laugh out loud throughout this book. Just don’t pee in your pants while at it.

At The Water’s Edge
Author: Sara Gruen
369 Pages
Genre: Women’s Fiction
A poignant love story.

Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination.
Author: J.K.Rowling
80 Pages.
Genre: Philosophy. Ethics and Morality.
It’s J.K.Rowling. Need we say more?

Got any book you think should be on this list? Let’s know in the comments section.

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