ShoSho’s Top Ten Books


Subomi Plumptre is  a creative intelligent being; a business & brand strategist, social media denizen and sapiosexual. A fiercely passionate soul, she is in love with music, stimulating conversations and the written word.  She writes on but can be found on Twitter @subomiplumptre. She shares her Top Ten Books here and adds a twist to it.

The Book of Romans by Apostle Paul.


This book literally transformed my life. In a syllogistic manner, Paul explains grace and the relationship mankind can have with God.

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson


Author: Bill Bryson

Genre: Essays and Commentary

560 Pages

The breadth of information in this book is astonishing. I recommend it for children. It’s a book that should be read at least once a year.

The Rules of Life by Richard Templar


Author: Richard Templar

Genre: Personal devt

240 Pages

Templar’s Rules series contains such simple but profound wisdom.

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis


Author: C.S.Lewis

Genre: Christian Apologetics

229 Pages

Lewis is a master of Christian Apologetics. I love his artful allegory and piercing thought.

(Everything written by) Robert Ludlum


When I find an author I love, I read everything they’ve ever published. I’m doing that with Ludlum. Reading his books is like being in the middle of a movie. So exciting!

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens


Author: Charles Dickens

Genre: Historical Fiction

210 Pages

This book is the poster child for every literary classic I’ve read and hope to read. It defines the timeless lessons that can be portrayed in stories.

Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak


Author: Elif Shafak

Genre: Women’s Fiction

368 Pages

One word sums up this book: Beautiful.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Author: Paulo Coelho

Genre: Personal Growth

218 Pages

This book teaches you to not be afraid.

Three Cities of Bells by Elizabeth Goudge


Author: Elizabeth Goudge

Genre: Literary Fiction

704 Pages

I read this collection as a child and the beautiful prose impressed me. The words  were like a pool of water I immersed myself in with the coolness continuously washing over me.

Malory Towers and St. Clares by Enid Blyton.


Authors: Pamela Cox and Enid Blyton

Genre:Children’s Fiction

Another must-read for children everywhere.

And now for some Extra 

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks


Author: Nicholas Sparks

Genre: Contemporary Romance

228 Pages

Sparks is an author whose entire collection I have read. He writes about the simple things of life and values.

The Scarlet Thread by Francis Rivers


Author: Francine Rivers

Genre: Christian

449 Pages

I think Rivers is a modern day prophet and teacher.


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